In 2005, the Zelda Community saw a brand new, unique site come to life, the Zelda Blog. Zelda Blog was a site that didn’t provide basic game content, Zelda news, media, a forum, or any of the ‘standard’ features at a Zelda site. Instead, what the blog offered was, a blog… about Zelda. Various webmasters collaborated together at a single website where it was strictly devoted to articles that were in blog fashion about the Legend of Zelda.

So what is a blog exactly? It has been one of the more recent fads in the world of the internet over the last several years. By definition, a blog is simply a set of articles made available by a writer with users able to comment on them. It is a place where various webmasters just use their keyboard and talk about whatever is on their mind. Topics at the Zelda Blog range anywhere from discussion of a specific character, the future of the franchise, miscellaneous humor, timeline issues, and basically anything you can ever think of.

Fast forward to May 1st, 2008 and the Zelda Blog has re-launched. Darth Citrus, the webmaster of one of the original Zelda Blog contributing sites, Exploding Deku Nut, is the brain child behind the project, and has worked together with numerous webmasters to get the site back up and rolling. You’ll see many familiar faces from the original Zelda Blog including site founder, The Missing Link, who is the webmaster of the now closed, Grand Adventures. There are also a ton of new contributing webmasters on board this time around including myself. If you head on over to the new Zelda Blog, you’ll also notice the same old classic Link to the Past based layout. The layout is still as lovely as ever, with the same animated chickens making appearances in the site banner.

Darth Citrus has made a grand opening article available, Chance and Xizor of have each contributed an article, The King of Hyrule of Zelda Capital has posted his own article, and even I posted my first article. The articles are all pretty good with topics about Link Talking, Voice Acting, one mans take on where the series has been going lately, and Ocarina of Time for the DS. All four articles are interesting reads and a good way to start off the Zelda Blog. I myself wrote the Ocarina of Time DS article, which was a continuation of an update I made over at about a week ago. Rest assured there are plenty of other webmasters who will be submitting articles at the Blog, so checking back on a daily basis would be strongly recommended.

As part of the Zelda Dungeon Alliance, I’ll frequently be doing a recap of recent articles and perhaps even featuring specific articles that are really well crafted. I look forward to them being apart of the Alliance and I also look forward to contributing to the unique site myself. So Zelda Blog, welcome back and welcome aboard.

Zelda Blog

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