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Before getting into the next alliance website, I have some explaining to do. If you’ve been following the site lately, you may have noticed the steadily increase in affiliates along the right navigation. With the launch of the new layout, the grouping system of affiliates will be changed somewhat drastically. With the extra area we have on the index page of the new layout, we’ll have a much larger area to display affiliates. Thus, those annoying drop down menus that I reluctantly have up right now will be gone. We will also be able to display a ton of affiliates, many of which will have little buttons instead of text links. We’ll also have more of an emphasis on gaming sites. All in all, you can check out the new affiliation policy on the left navigation, but more importantly, if you have a Zelda or gaming site, apply now!The Zelda Dungeon Alliance is coming to the end of announcing sites. We have already released 6 of them, with 7th coming in a paragraph from now. We’ve all but finalized the 10 sites that will be a part of the Alliance and the other 4 (3 after this update) sites will be announced sparingly over the next few weeks.Our newest Alliance site is Realms of Hyrule. This site is fully dedicated to textual role playing in the Zelda series. Nowadays if you look at almost any Zelda forum, you’ll find a small area dedicated strictly towards role playing. Well, Realms of Hyrule is that small section, except expanded greatly, focused specifically on Zelda, and very engaging I might say. The problem with many textual role playing sections on most forums is the lack of set rules or limitations. You might ask yourself, wait, why would we want limitations? In the case of Realms of Hyrule, they do an excellent job of balancing openness as well as limitations, giving the site great integrity.The grounds of role playing take place in the western portion of Hyrule from the Adventure of Link. Click here to view this awesomely detailed map. Scrolling over any of the various sections of the map and clicking will take you to the corresponding forum that is dedicated to that portion of the map. This is a great way to setup the role playing as it lets people interact with the various surroundings. Anywhere from the Parapa Desert at the northeast corner, to the Midoro Swamp, Death Mountain, and any of the various towns in the western portion of Hyrule.So what if you are new to role playing all together and really have no idea what I’m talking about. Basically, the rundown of role playing, is you create an imaginative character and stick him into the world of Hyrule. The home page of Realms of Hyrule is currently being reworked, but it is meant to guide you in creating your custom character. The first thing you need to do is pick a name and a race for your character. You can pick anything from a Hylian, a Kokiri, a Goron, a Zora, or even one of those super cool Subrosians. There is a whole listing of items, magic, armor, and weapons that you can purchase, but these sections are currently being revamped. Wait a second Mases, I have to buy things with money??! No silly, with forum money, aka rupees. Realms of Hyrule use a rupee system much like the actual Zelda series. You can earn rupees from making posts in the forums or winning various contests that are held. These rupees can then be used to purchase various items to help strengthen your character.So what type of character are you going to be? A friendly Goron navigating the Death Mountain Region, a harmless Deku patrolling the Deku Forest, or an evil Wizzrobe destined for world domination. To borrow a quote from Back to the Future, “You’re future hasn’t been written yet! No-one’s has……So make it a good one.”Realms of HyruleRealms of Hyrule MapRealms of Hyrule RacesRealms of Hyrule Boards

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