As part of a superbly secret project that has been going on with Zelda Dungeon over the last few months and that will come into full affect with the launch of our next layout, I now pronounce the Zelda Dungeon Alliance. What, an alliance? What are you talking about Mases? While it might not be as exciting as say… the Oceanic 6, this is the Zelda Dungeon 8. Eight sites are going to be apart of this new alliance. These sites aren’t just the same old Zelda sites that the community has grown accustomed to. They are very unique and specialize in a particular section of the Zelda World. I will be shedding more light on this project over the coming weeks leading up to the launch of Layout 16, but for now, I present the first member of the Zelda Dungeon Alliance, North Castle.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this amazing website, North Castle is the definitive Zelda fan fiction and fan art website in the world of the internet. While they have their own exclusive contributions to their gallery and library, they also have a collection of fan submitted works from the past 10 years of their sites existence. Yes, 10 years, making North Castle one of the oldest Zelda sites in existence. In fact, I think it is thee longest running Zelda website that is still online today.

Their webmaster, or webmistress (is this a word?!) is Lady Juliet, a woman that I’ve always known as just, the person running North Castle. However, in recent times I’ve come to know her much better as well as her website and message boards. They are what I like to consider, an old school Zelda website. They aren’t flashy at all, and in fact they’ve had the same general layout for most of their 10 year existence, although, they just happened to change it… yesterday. Their message boards are fairly active and consist of a tight core group of members. I recently joined up there a few weeks back and I’ve immediately grown very fond for the place.

At one point in my Zelda online life, I was addicted to reading fan made fictional books and stories about the Zelda series, in particular A Link to the Past. At North Castle, they have over 500 fan submitted pieces of writing! They are conveniently broken up into categories; Romance, Humor, Poetry, etc… and also have what game the story is based on, a rating, as well as fan reviews. If you started reading the stories now, it would be months and maybe even years until you read them all. Their collection of fan art is just as extensive as their fan fiction, but it doesn’t end there. They even have a humor section, editorials, and even fan made movies!

All in all, North Castle is most definitely one of the most unique Zelda sites on the net, and if you are one that hasn’t visited them before, man are you missing out. I’m delighted to have them aboard as the first site that is a part of the Zelda Dungeon Alliance, which you will hear more about in the coming weeks. For now, why not give them a visit and check it out yourself!

North Castle
North Castle Fan Fiction
North Castle Fan Artwork

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