One of the strongest gameplay design elements in The Legend of Zelda series is the unique core mechanics the games are typically built around. Any game worth it’s salt should be intuitively designed to expand upon it’s mechanic in a fun and satisfying way. It is no wonder why often Zelda games often have the mechanic in the title of the game itself.

In the newest episode of the Zelda Challenge, Kevin and I try to prove which of these games core mechanics gives us a more satisfying feeling while playing them. I personally believe the masks of Majora’s Mask, especially the transformation ones, are the most satisfying. Kevin, on the other hand, finds satisfaction in the teamwork of Tri Force Heroes totem mechanic. Which of us do you think made a better argument? Click the “i” icon in the top right corner of the video to bring up our poll and let us know! Tell us who you voted for and what about their argument convinced you. Also feel free to let us know what games you would have made an argument for. If you want to see more from us, head over to our Youtube channel and subscribe.

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