Zelda Central No More

Just weeks after seeing several sites close down including Zelda Blog, the Grand Adventures, and the somewhat closure of the Desert Colossus. Another big Zelda site has fallen, this time it is Zelda Central. I got the unfortunate news after talking with Vic aka Barry aka Mr. Wiggles early Saturday morning. Zelda Central has been online for several years now and is one of the few sites to remain open over an extended period of time without facing massive downtime or a lack of updates. Even though the glory days of Zelda Central have long since passed, the site was still a very solid website. Zelda Central was a strong influence for us here at Zelda Dungeon during my early days and the webmaster even helped make our 3rd layout. The site will me missed but will always be remembered. Good Luck to the staff of Zelda Central in any future journeys they shall take.

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