zeldacdi The man behind The Faces of Evil, Wand of Gamalon, and Zelda’s Adventure discusses his work with these projects, and Nintendo’s say in the matter of them. Make the jump to find out about these long forgotten Zelda pieces!

Philips, the producer behind these works, has spoken up about the formation of the CD-i Zeldas. He tells us about the character design, how Nintendo only had a say in the design documents and character sketches, and they never really saw the finished product. Dale DeSharone states that the development budget for all of the titles was not high, as they only cost $600,000 USD to create. Explaining how Link and Zelda were more for box art than the actual game itself, he tells us that they only had the The Legend of Zelda and The Adventure of Link for reference. He gave the characters real faces, among other things. Click here to read the whole story!

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Source: Nintendo Life