411mania has recently posted a list of the Top 5 Gaming Love Stories. Our very own Link and Zelda have earned a place at number three. Though I wouldn’t have ever expected Zelda and Link to make a love story couple, it’s still pretty interesting. It certainly makes for a unique relationship, as it will never turn out the same way in each story. Though it’s not always romance, the duo share a connection none the less. Quite a few other titles are mentioned, so be sure to check those out as well. The full list can be seen after the jump, so be sure to make it!

3. Legend of Zelda Series: Link/Zelda – Sure, it may be different characters each time, but that just shows the power of their love and relationship. No matter what universe, the pair is always connected by the TriForce and always are fated to find each other. What keeps it down on the list, though, is the fact that they are different in every universe, meaning their romance can’t grow and evolve like others.

You can view the full article here. It’s odd to think of Link and Zelda making a good love story, but they certainly make for a good relationship. I agree with the placement of it as far as Top Five go, it’s not quite a romance and that’s what keeps it down the list. Of course though, the duo has their cute moments that make us all hope they do have a romance together.

So what did you think? Agree with the list? Like Zelda and Link as a love story? Tell us in the comments!

Source: 411mania

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