Got thousands of dollars just laying around unused? If so, eBay has quite the item up for grabs. For just $5,000, one lucky buyer can have a completely normal Zelda amiibo with no rare characteristics whatsoever. That’s right, nothing sets this figure apart from other Zelda amiibo. The average price range for one on eBay is between $10 and $20, according to sales data.

Although it is true some amiibo have sold for higher prices on eBay, they were always customized or defective in some way. A custom-made Waluigi amiibo sold for $199 on January 4.

The listing was uploaded by eBay user buffer_xwa and only has a “Buy it now” option (which means there is no bidding for the item). The seller doesn’t appear to have a suspicious account; buffer_xwa has a positive feedback score of 100 percent, according to the lister’s profile. In fact, the seller doesn’t have a

single negative rating in the last 12 months.

As for the reason the Zelda amiibo is priced so high, the seller put a line in the listing, saying, “Just hoping someone with money to spend is feeling altruistic, I’d really like to have a great Christmas with my family.”

The Zelda amiibo listing is scheduled to remain posted until January 18 at 8:46 a.m. unless some benevolent buyer decides to purchase it before then. At the least, this amiibo will be delivered quickly; it comes with “free” one-day shipping. Do you think someone will purchase the Zelda amiibo for $5,000?

Source: eBay Listing

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