A new Zelda game was announced during a Nintendo Direct a couple months ago. The title is a “sort-of” sequel to The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, featuring a similar overworld, identical enemies, and even the return of the Dark World!

Eiji Aonuma, the Zelda series producer, has stated that the game will be getting a graphical boost compared to previous entries in the franchise. Zelda 3DS will run at sixty frames per second, as opposed to the usual thirty frames per second handheld entries in the series have worked with.

In addition to this news, Aonuma has also confirmed that the 3D capabilities of the hardware will not be forced upon the user. Games like Super Mario 3D Land utilized three dimensions in a very clever way, but Zelda will not be taking that path. The player can take away the same amount of comprehension and fun without moving the 3D slider up.

Here’s the full quote.

“The game runs at 60FPS, while all the 3D games up till now have run at 30FPS. The faster the framerate, the more stable the 3D effect, so 60FPS is a big deal. There are players who don’t like 3D and always keep it switched off, so there’s nothing in the game that absolutely requires 3D, like puzzles that can’t be solved without it.”

Imagine the Octorok speed with that smooth frame rate! Are you excited for Zelda on 3DS? Sound off in the comments below.

Nintendo’s E3 starts in only six days.

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