This list is still not translated completely but this is the rough translation of what the song list for the 25th Anniversary concert was in Japan.

1. Hyrule Theme
2. Princess Zelda Theme
3. Wind Waker Medley
4. Ocarina Melodies
5. Boss Battle Medley
6. Kakariko Village – Twilight Princess
7. Zelda’s 25th Symphony (possibly the one from E3)
8. Ganondorf’s Theme
9. Small Item…Something
10. Gerudo Valley
11. Ocarina of Time Hyrule Field Theme
12. Fairy Fountain Theme
13. Twilight Princess Medley
14. Legend of Zelda Main Theme

– Zelda Informer

It looks like whoever is lucky enough to get to be going to their nearest 25th Anniversary concert is gonna be hearing some pretty awesome compositions. Then again, was there any doubt? I don’t think I could choose which one I want to hear the most because they are all so profoundly great. If I was absolutely forced to choose I think maybe the Kakariko Village from Twilight Princess one because I have always loved that area and it is relaxing and also the Fairy Fountain Theme because although the great fairy from Ocarina of Time was a little creepy the music was wonderful. Which ones of these are your most favorites?

Source: Zelda Informer
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