#ZDMarathon – 3 Days Away

11659560_10153971140083294_1722934703500028643_nThat’s right!! We’re less than 3 days away from the 2015 Zelda Dungeon Marathon!! Most of the attending staff are making their final preparations for traveling, packing up clothes and equipment and everything else that we need to pull off a marathon of this magnitude. We have quite a bit planned for this year’s marathon, so hit the jump for some details.

This year we’ll have multiple stations set up for various tasks, such as donation reading, conversing with the chat and social media updating. We’re going to try to put a lot of emphasis on social media this year, so be sure to litter Facebook, Twitter and anything else with #ZDMarathon. We might even have some behind-the-scenes videos that we’ll be posting throughout the marathon to give you an idea of the amount of equipment and work that goes into putting on a great show for you. As always, you’ll be able to watch the marathon and talk in the chat via the Zelda Dungeon Twitch channel, but we’ll also have a page available on ZeldaDungeon.net where you can watch, chat and also have all of the information about the marathon available to you and easy access to make a donation to Child’s Play. Here’s a list of more things to look forward to for this year’s Zelda Dungeon Marathon.

  • Pre-Show beginning early morning of July 12th.
  • Marathon officially begins at 3am CDT with Mases playing Phantom Hourglass.
  • Wind Waker HD race between Josh & Blake.
  • 4-Way Ocarina of Time race featuring Trevor, Josh, Kevin & Gooey.
  • Hyrule Warriors featuring Locke & Kevin.
  • A Link Between Worlds race between Josh & Blake.
  • Four Swords & Four Swords Adventures featuring many members of the ZD staff.
  • Legend of Zelda/Adventure of Link block race between Mases & Blake.
  • Spirit Tracks race between Trevor & Daniel.
  • Twilight Princess awesomeness!! (seriously, it’s going to be INSANE!!)
  • A Link to the Past: Mario Kart Edition featuring Mases, Blake, Kevin, Josh and more.
  • EVERY main series game will be played as well as some of the more obscure titles.
  • EVERY donation will be read out loud (with the exception of donations made during ALttP), no matter the amount of the donation.

The Marathon Staff are all excited for this year’s marathon and being able to once again do something that we enjoy to benefit Child’s Play. What game/race are you most looking forward to this year?? Who are you most looking forward to seeing this year?? Let us know in the comments and we’ll see you all in a few days!!

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Facebook: facebook.com/ZeldaDungeon

Twitter: twitter.com/ZeldaDungeon