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205241-master_sword_superOne of the classic experiences of die-hard Zelda fans playing through a new Zelda title for the first time is discovering Link’s iconic equipment within the game, while also uncovering whatever new pieces of equipment were designed for that specific title. This week, we asked Zelda Dungeon staff members to rank their Top 5 pieces of equipment from across the entire series — a daunting task, considering how much equipment Link has had at his disposal throughout his adventures.

Which pieces of equipment do you see as representative of the Zelda series? Which do you have the most fun using? As always, leave your own lists in the comments.


Jon Lett View Profile

5. The Ocarina of Time (Various)
4. Magic Armour (Twilight Princess)
3. Master Sword (Various)
2. Hylian Shield (Various)
1. Biggoron’s Sword (Ocarina of Time)

Every time I play Ocarina of Time, no matter the version, I make sure to get through the trading quest and nab that giant sword. It gives me a real sense of completion, and it makes the Ganon fight in the end a lot less monotonous, sparing me the effort of using the bow or hookshot to slowly wear him down via his tail. It also helps out plenty against bosses, if I am having trouble with any. Of course, these days, I am into trying the three-heart challenge on the games I get good at, and the Biggoron’s Sword makes that a LOT simpler. Though you cannot hold a shield while using it, this thing is even stronger than the Master Sword, so yeah. IT’S WORTH THE TROUBLE.

Kev Doughty – View Profile

5. Spinner (Twilight Princess)
4. Beetle (Skyward Sword)
3. Ball and chain (Twilight Princess)
2. Bow (various)
1. Master Sword (various)

The Spinner in was a great addition to Twilight Princess, and it would be higher in my top 5 if there were more opportunities to use it (it’s cool in Hyrule Warriors but that doesn’t really count). The beetle in Skyward Sword not only made exploring areas a bit more exciting — as you could see places you wouldn’t normally be able to —  but it also had some nice uses in puzzle solving. The ball and chain in Twilight Princess is just pure fun! Lobbing that ball at some poor unsuspecting enemy never gets dull. The bow has been a superb addition to Link’s arsenal since the original Legend of Zelda; and since going into 3D as well as having spell upgrade (I miss magic in the games), it can not only be used more than most other items but also gets some of the most enjoyable minigames in the series. Finally, The Blade of Evil’s Bane! While there are stronger sword out there (like the Biggoron Sword), I prefer to be able to use my shield at the same time, and any other sword that allows this doesn’t quite have the iconic status the Master Sword does. Also, as soon as the Master Sword is obtained, you know something big is about to happen in the story.

Alexis Anderson – View Profile

5. Wind Waker Baton (The Wind Waker)
4. Iron Boots (Twilight Princess)
3. Zora Armour (Twilight Princess)
2. Hylian Shield (Various)
1. Master Sword (Various)

Obviously, the Master Sword and the Hylian shield are staples of the series, but they’re also gorgeous and strong as a pair. Everything gets a little bit easier to kill, and the journey feels a little more legitimate with Master Sword and Hylian shield in hand. For the Zora Armour, I just really adored the plotline in which Link receives it in Twilight Princess. It’s also a rather intricate costume, and Link looks like such a dork in it. The Wind Waker just stands out to me as a transportation “instrument” because it isn’t really one: it’s only used to conduct (also thank the goddesses for it, because having to wait for winds to change, or never being able to teleport to another spot on the sea chart, would’ve made that game almost wholly unenjoyable).

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