mm-essence-of-the-hero-2In this weeks ZD Top 5 the staff looks at some of their favorite side quests from Majora’s Mask. While the game has the traditional main quest, Majora’s Mask offers more than just the saving the world; you can also help raise chickens, fight off aliens, or even be a mail man for the day. While some of the stuff might seem simple and easy to just run through, some of the side quests can get a little emotional and other times, just downright creepy.


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5. Woodfall Temple Stray Fairies
4. Battling ‘THEM’ at Romani Ranch
3. Southern Swamp Spider House
2. Anju & Kafei Quest
1. Pamela and Pamela’s Dad at Ikana Canyon

I love the collection aspects of Zelda games, and Majora’s Mask did it very well with the Stray Fairies in each dungeon, as well as the two Spider Houses. However, Majora’s Mask did touch the heart deeper and I felt that my favorite quests were the ones that I was most emotionally invested in. I think this was most prominent at the marriage of Anju and Kafei, as well when Link heals Pamela’s Dad in Ikana Canyon.

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5. Great Bay Coast Spider Dungeon
4. Playing Music at the Milk Bar
3. Anju & Kafei Quest
2. The Moon Trials (To get the Fierce Deity Mask)
1. Attack on Romani Ranch by “Them”

Majora’s Mask could either be a rather short, or very long game, depending on whether you take the time to do many, or any, sidequests. What I liked about the sidequests in this game, was that unlike many other Zelda games, the sidequests here always connect back to the main story, or have some sort of uniqueness that helps you really relate to, and feel for, the characters around you, like the distressed confusion of the Moon Children while you go through their challenging trials, or the progression of Romani and Cremia leading up to, and following, the attack by “Them”.

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5. Ikana Graveyard
4. Anju & Kafei Quest
3. Gilded Sword Quest
2. Kamaro’s Mask Quest
1. Attack on Romani Ranch by “them”

The sidequests in Majora’s Mask have always had a soft spot in my heart because there are just so many available to choose to complete. If I’m playing a runthrough of the game, I can collect all the masks, or just my favorites. I could do the Anju & Kafei quest or battle “Them.” Majora’s Mask offers so many different little quests that can make each playthrough different and unique. Another great thing about Majora’s Mask is that the sidequests carry so much emotion, whether it’s acquiring the Captain’s Mask and being able to read dialogue from enemies you would have converse with before, reuniting Anju & Kafei where you are helping two people come together, or the excitement of completing the goron races to get the gold dust needed for the Gilded Sword. While I’ve always loved the soundtracks of the Zelda games and the music with Kamaro’s Mask is both eerie and hypnotizing, my favorite sidequest has to be fighting “Them.” Cow-stealing aliens in a Zelda game that can only be stopped by a horse-riding bow-wielding child, Awesome.

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5. Free the Postman of his Duties
4. Battle ‘THEM’ at Romani Ranch
3. Bremen Mask Cucco March
2. Kamaro’s Mask Quest
1. Anju and Kafei Quest

Summary – All of the sidequests in Majora’s Mask are emotionally taxing, and I love them because of it. I’m a huge softy, so of course the star-crossed lovers quest is my favorite. As for the rest: Letting a spirit finally pass on, helping a farmhand have no regrets when the moon crashes, saving a little girl and her sister from having yet another loss in their family, and giving a loyal public servant a chance to survive all really appeal to me. My rankings depend on how much of an emotional connection I have to the sidequest, not gameplay, nor difficulty level.

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5. Raising the Cucoo Chicks.
4. Ikana Graveyard Quest – Day 1
3. Ghost Invasion at Romani Ranch
2. The Couple’s Quest
1. The Fierce Deity’s Mask

Summary – These side-quests are (personally) essential in Majora’s Mask, as they’ve always given the game that extra bit of excitement and mystery, with Ikana Graveyard and the Couple’s Quest being great for the very same reason; they span across all 3 days. Of course, the Ghost Invasion and Bunny Hood side-quest are great, too. But above all, the Fierce Deity’s Mask quest is my favorite, as it’s side-quest, is to complete every side-quest, in order to obtain the mask.

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5. Racing the Beavers
4. Blast Mask Quest
3. Completing the Bombers’ Notebook
2. Anju and Kafei Quest
1. Alien Invasion at Romani Ranch

Summary- I first played Majora’s Mask when I was ten and these are the quests I can recall enjoying the most. Swimming around as a Zora was one of my favorite aspects of the game, so getting the chance to skillfully maneuver through the rings and race the beavers was a lot of fun. Of course, if your goal is to complete all the tasks in the Bombers’ Notebook, then you’ll most definitely come across most of the side-quests, but my all time favorite above completing the Notebook itself was the invasion of ‘Them’ at Romani Ranch. As a child, to me, that was nearly as thrilling as a Boss battle. I remember my hands sweating and the goosebumps on my arms. And, of course, I can’t forget the ‘UUGH!’ I expelled each time I failed and had to go back in time to try again. I find that, not only the main quest, but these optional quests getting such an emotionally invested reaction out of me- or most who’ve played Majora’s Mask for the matter- rather special indeed.

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