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Fairy in a Bottle
Empty bottles are invaluable in the Legend of Zelda series, and you can store a wide variety of items in them. From simple water to a princess, there seems no limit to what Link may keep in his bottles. Boss battles and traversing dungeons would be much more stressful if bottles didn’t allow Link to store a fairy as a safety net, and some of the soup from across the series is mm-mmm-good! This week, we asked Zelda Dungeon staff members to rank their top 5 bottle items from across the entire series.

Which items occupy your bottles most often? What are some of the most interesting or exciting uses you’ve found for bottles in the series? As always, leave your own lists in the comments.

Jon Lett – View Profile

5. The Deku Princess (Majora’s Mask)
4. Farore’s Charm (Minish Cap)
3. Elixir Soup (The Wind Waker)
2. Great Fairy Tears (Twilight Princess)
1. Fairy (Various)

There is very little question here. At first, I would have said that the Great Fairy’s Tears won, as they not only signify one’s triumph over the incredible Cave of Ordeal, but also help you out in your second run through it, where things are harder than in the first run. But in the end, fairies have helped me out significantly in nearly every game. No, I have not always had serious trouble with the games, but you never know when you might get caught with your pants down and end up getting totally demolished. A fairy literally gives you a second chance, raising you from the dead at a moment’s notice. They certainly helped with major challenges like the Cave of Ordeals and the Savage Labyrinth.

Alexis Anderson – View Profile

5. Water (Various)
4. Superb Soup (Twilight Princess)
3. Elixir Soup (The Wind Waker)
2. Rare Chu Jelly (Twilight Princess)
1. Fairy (Various)

Something that always stood out in Twilight Princess for me was the variety of unsuspecting things that were actually little secrets. One of those things was Chu, as during my first playthrough I’d never tried to bottle them and was pleasantly surprised once I finally had. Rare Chu jelly was especially exciting to find, because it’s obviously rare and I genuinely wasn’t expecting to come across yet another type of Chu during my travels. You can imagine my absolute shock at seeing a Rare Chu swallowed up by a common Chu. Really made me appreciate the Rare Chu jelly I had, though.

Kev Doughty – View Profile

5. Blue Fire (Ocarina of Time)
4. Deku Princess (Majora’s Mask)
3. Rare Chu Jelly (Twilight Princess)
2. Soup (The Wind Waker)
1. Fairy (Various)

Blue fire didn’t have many uses in Ocarina of Time outside the dungeons it was found in; so, once you’ve freed the Zora King and the shop, you might as well sell it. You get 150 rupees for it, so selling some is an easy way of gaining some quick cash. When a friend and I originally played Majora’s Mask we weren’t sure how to escort the Deku Princess back to the castle. I jokingly said we have a spare bottle that we could try using, and we had a good laugh at the absurdity of such an idea. Continuing the joke my friend got the bottle out and tried swiping her with it… You can imagine our shock when it turned out that was what we were supposed to do. The rest of the items on the list are all about healing. While Rare Chu Jelly from Twilight Princess and the soup from The Wind Waker are essentially the same, soup is much easier to come by, and you get two helpings from it, so it get the higher position on the list. Fairies will always be my favorite: they automatically heal you when you die, so you don’t need to worry about your health in battle.

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