Z-Talk: Zelda Dungeon Podcast #5

Here to bring you out of those winter blues is the next official edition of Z-Talk, brought to you by Din, Rish and the rest of the Zelda Dungeon community.  First off, Rish and I would like to thank one of our forum members, Xinnamin, very much for our brand new logo! We have a diverse podcast for you this time, and we are back to our normal length.  Enjoy.

On the roll this time:
0:22 – Year of the Rabbit – Xinnamin
5:50 – Din and Rish’s Mailbag – Din and Rishian
16:50 – Beastly Oddities: Oni Link, Song of Storms Time Loop, and Kaepora Gaebora – Axle the Beast
27:45 – Random Drawing Contest – Din and Rishian
29:36 – Game Videos – TheGreen
37: 28 – The Keaton Quiz – Contestants Baysiderulez and Xinnamin, Hosted by Din and Rishian

Additionally, Z-Talk is now on iTunes! You can listen to all the previous podcasts, as well this brand new one over at our iTunes Page. Now it’s easier than ever to take Z-Talk on the road with you on your Ipod or any MP3 device. Be sure to subscribe to us in iTunes to get all the Z-Talk podcasts as soon as they release.

TheGreen’s links: Cheeze4343, chuggaaconroy, seananners, and Caleb’s walkthroughs are found on the menu at the top of your screen!

What did you think of the podcast? Did you ever notice the rabbits in The Legend of Zelda, or think of some Xinnamin didn’t? Think Axle has a point with his time loop theory, or is the idea backwards in your timeline? Did you know about the distinction between the Japanese idea of demon and the Western idea? What is your favorite type of game video? Do you like to watch those videos just for fun? Could you answer the questions for the Keaton Quiz before our contestants?  Do you have any good trivia questions you would want to hear asked to a contestant? Tell us it in the comments section below!

Remember we want your opinions too!  If you want to get involved with Z-Talk, you should check out the invitation found on our forums and submit a section to us.  We are taking submissions about any of the games, such as your opinions on different theories, other issues or simply something in Zelda you enjoy talking about.

Also, don’t forget, Din and Rish’s mailbag is always open.  Please send in your Zelda or Zelda Dungeon questions (by clicking here) to have them featured and answered in an upcoming podcast.  Also, if you would like to be involved in the Keaton Quiz section of the podcast, you can submit questions and answers to us through the email above and listen for your question to be asked to an unsuspecting guest!  You can use the same email to get in touch with us if you would like to be a contestant on the Keaton Quiz! Fun for everyone; come get involved!

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