Z-Talk: The Zelda Dungeon Podcast #36

ZD iTunesHey everyone! Welcome back the podcast. We have some old favorites for you this month, Random Person and Colonel-Majora! Also, stick around for the Mailbag, Community Question, and Keaton Quiz as per usual! As a reminder, the Halloween and Christmas Podcasts are fast approaching, so if you’d like to get involved and do a segment for one of these themed podcasts, get in touch with Din on Skype or Facebook to reserve your topic! Oh yeah, and don’t forget to tell us your thoughts on this podcast in the discussion thread, or on Facebook and Twitter!

2:28 – Quicky Reminders
3:45 – Zelda Conversations by Random Person
16:47 – Din and Rish’s Mailbag
28:29 – Legendary Reflections: Re-Use Value Part 3 by Colonel-Majora
36:36 – Community Question of the Month
47:27 – A Link Between Worlds Summary by Cloud33
44:32 – Keaton Quiz: Contestants Krazy4Krash and knowlee
56:56 – Bloopers

Do you have a lot of friends that aren’t into Zelda? Do you think you can convert your friends? How did you answer the questions posed on the mailbag? What is your favorite boss in the Zelda series? What kind of thing do you think could be done to improve bosses in future Zelda games? Do you plan to by The Wind Waker HD? Why or why not? Are you developing any opinions on ALBW? Do you think you will purchase it when it ocmes out? Could you answer the questions on the Keaton Quiz before our contestants?

Let us know in the comments section below and in our discussion thread on the forums or on Facebook and Twitter!

Join the conversation! There are a lot of ways that you can get involved with Z-Talk if you would like to take part. First and foremost, you can send in your own submission to Z-Talk. Is there something about Zelda or the Zelda Dungeon Community you want to talk about on the podcast? You should check out the How to Make Your Own Podcast Segment Thread on our forums and get in touch with Rish and I by email, on the ZD forums, or by Skype (contact: din_akera). You can also record your voice and send in a question to Din and Rish’s mailbag, or if you would prefer to have us read your question for you, send it in text also to our email. If you would rather have us ask you the questions you can sign up to be a contestant on the Keaton Quiz in our forum sign up! Or if you have a question you want to be asked to a guest on the Keaton Quiz you can email the question and answer to us and listen for your question on upcoming Keaton Quizzes!

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