Not too long ago, some official artwork for A Link Between Worlds revealed a mysterious, villainous stranger to the Zelda fandom, and not long afterwards, we learned all about this figure, Yuga. Given all the latest Link Between Worlds news, it’s a bit hard to play catch-up in this one post (though you can find it all right here if you aren’t yet up to date), but there’s still more to be learned! Many fans have assumed Yuga to be a woman since his introduction, but as it turns out, Yuga is actually a man.

According to Eiji Aonuma, Yuga’s gender was made purposefully ambiguous.

“I don’t think he’s a Gerudo. I think perhaps the designers were a bit influenced by the art from past games. One of things we did with him, actually, was to make him a little bit ambiguous gender-wise, whether he’s a man or a woman. Having the longer hair and all. He also actually sings in the game.” —

Eiji Aonuma

So, there you have it—as it would seem, Yuga is an entirely new villain with little connection to past

Zelda history. But who knows? Perhaps there’s much more to learn Aonuma’s willing to lead on.

Source: IGN

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