Every Legend of Zelda game comes with its own unique sounds and music, and Twilight Princess is no exception. One of the most popular songs from the title is called “Midna’s Lament,” and while the original is amazing, the cover by composer Rozen is pretty good in its own right.

Rozen, also known as Daniel Jimenez, is a based film, tv, and video game composer from Los Angeles. Jimenez went to college in Boston and has composed music inspired by other Zelda titles as well.

His rendition of “Midna’s Lament,” is titled “Under Twilit Rain,” and it features pieces of other Twilight Princess tunes like the Hyrule Field theme.

The entire piece retains the melancholy feel that the original does, but Jimenez adds more to it in the way of choral voices and additional instruments like woodwinds, brass, strings, and percussion. He also makes the song sound more wholesome, almost as if it were being performed by an orchestra and choir on the same stage.

You can learn more about Jimenez on his website, rozen.audio.

Did you enjoy listening to his cover of “Midna’s Lament”?

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