Youtube Brings Us $*#@ Navi Says

Youtube member Megasteakman recently uploaded a new video giving us a look at how useful and annoying it is to have Navi around to help you out. Throughout the video we see a few random situations in Link’s day to day life where Navi interrupts with her familiar phrases like “Watch out”, “Hey!” and “Listen.” However she is not always as helpful as you would think. She goes from somewhat helpful near the beginning, to frustrating, to actually causing problems for Link around town. There are a few adult themes and mature situation in this video beyond the title so beware. Jump inside to see the video for yourself.

I love this video, I thought they did an amazing job of capturing the annoyance of Navi in just about every situation throughout the whole video. And the scene where he punts the skulltula into the fountain makes it all worthwhile. The CGI quality in the video is surprisingly good for a fan creation. And I think we will all love Link’s solution to the Navi problem at the end.

So what do you think? Did you like the video? Want to see more from Megasteakman? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Youtube

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