As we’ve seen many times before here at Zelda Informer, gamers like to play around with the code of certain game’s and fiddle with the characters actions/commands. I’ve shown this before in a video involving a gamer hacking Super Smash Bros.: Melee in order to have Princess Zelda with Fox’s speed. The most recent Melee video I’ve discovered involving the use of Tool-Assisted Superplay (TAS) has Young Link in Cruel Melee mode taking on the most ferocious form of the fighting polygon team you can imagine.

A Redditor known as StabbyMcKniferson used a TAS, unmodified version of Super Smash Bros.: Melee in order to create this feat. What McKniferson did was have complete control of Young Link one frame at a time thanks to a save state system in order to have this round of Cruel Melee turn out as exactly as they wanted to. As seen in the video above, this in turn has our young Hero of Time wiping the floor with the fighting polygons. According to their Reddit post, McKniferson did this demonstration in order to show the really weird movement properties that Young Link has in Melee.

It’s just ridiculous sometimes how far gamers will go in order to see what they personally want in their favorite title. What did you think of the video? Let us know in the comments below!

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