Remember when we covered The Synthetic Orchestra’s beautiful rendition of Beedle’s ship shop? Well they’ve struck again with a gorgeous cover of “Music Box House” from Majora’s Mask!

Blake Robinson, the composer of The Synthetic Orchestra, used FL Studio 11, a musical production program, to recreate this timeless piece. I feel he definitely captured the extravagant brass that you would expect to hear emitting from the house as the Gibdos retreated back into the ground, and the safety Pamela would feel once they were gone.

As an added bonus, Robinson has included sped-up footage of his creation process in the video accompanying the arrangement, and the full editing video can be viewed on his YouTube Channel, here. If you enjoyed this, check out his covers of “Kakariko Village” and “Fairy Queen’s theme” as well. What did you think of this cover? As always, please leave a comment down below!

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