Well folks, it appears we may have a massive showing on our hands come this weekend. The internet is about to be all in a tizzy over a three-hour awards show that will be live streamed, known as VGX. Most of the buzz isn’t about the awards, but rather about the fact that most of the show will be about new announcements and all new game trailers. Essentially, it’s like a massive three-hour E3 press conference without all the bullshit, just awards and video game announcements. Sounds good no? You know what sounds better? Reggie giving us the world premier for Zelda U.

We know Reggie is going to show off something. First he teased it, then it was confirmed via the VGX website. I am here to tell the world that I am firmly predicting Zelda U will be the game shown off. Sounds crazy, right? Eiji Aonuma even said himself he would talk about it at E3 2014. Oh folks, there is some clear teasing going on that we are certainly missing out on.

I am the first to admit that Zelda U being at VGX seems like a pipe dream at best, but I plead you to hear me out before we go on dismissing this prediction as wishful thinking. For starters, twice this year Nintendo had already planned to show off the game. The first was during E3 2013. The second time was during a presentation Eiji Aonuma gave at the New York Comic-Con. These two occurrences alone already suggest the game is at least ready to be presented publicly. It may still be a year or two away from release, but it’s in a form that can be presented publicly. I am not making that up. It’s already been proven twice this year straight out of the lion’s mouth.

Of course, prior attempts to show it off doesn’t imply this is the event that it will finally make an appearance at, but there are several hints that something Zelda-related is on the way. First and foremost, Reggie himself was rocking Zelda attire yesterday during a Nintendo specific event. Geoff Keighley is the host of VGX this weekend. He retweeted an instagram from Reggie himself showing off the Master Sword at his desk. Reggie is going to appear at VGX to make the announcement. He is rocking a Zelda shirt. He has the Master Sword at his desk and only just now decides to point it out for no apparent reason. Geoff Keighley retweets the Master Sword as if it’s actually noteworthy. Geoff Keighley is hosting VGX and likely already knows the entire lineup. Things are starting to add up.

Of course, this could all be coincidence. After all, A Link Between Worlds just came out a bit over a week ago, though it’s noteworthy that none of the attire actually relates to the game itself. His Zelda jacket is from the NES Zelda. The Master Sword is present in multiple games. Still, you could argue that we are reading way too much into this. Okay, fine, that’s fair, so let’s continue

Remember when Eiji said he doesn’t take inspiration from Skyrim, but if it did happen it’s just a natural process? Okay, keep that as a note. Remember the reaction to Twilight Princess at E3? Okay, bank that memory as well. Remember now how they almost showed the game off twice? Okay, keep that fresh too. Now, note that Nintendo has never actually appeared at VGX, formerly known as the VGA’s. Interesting that now is the time they choose to appear there. At a show that traditionally doesn’t cater to the Nintendo crowd and will be heavily leaning towards the western audience. In fact, almost every single game being shown off so far that has been confirmed is particularly popular with western gamers.

Showing off Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze doesn’t make any logical sense at this venue. Not even Smash Bros. These are gamers watching that traditionally don’t play Nintendo games. Not even Smash. Now, keep in mind all that I mentioned above: what Nintendo game can make non-Nintendo fans believers again? Hint: it’s not Bayonetta 2, since the first game only sold a million combined copies. It’s not X, since it’s part of a more niche genre. X is a JPRG, just doesn’t have that western ring to it (sorry folks, I know; I want more X too). It’s Zelda. Zelda done in a way that appeals to western audiences. Done correctly, Zelda U could blow the roof off the live show. It will be all anyone is talking about after. It doesn’t matter if Nintendo says nothing more on it until E3. One trailer is all we need to get the fires burning.

Nintendo needs something to calm the Wii U fires. To invigorate confidence in their console. Talking more about games we already know about likely won’t fix a thing. Super Mario 3D World hasn’t done it, so now it’s Zelda‘s turn. Nintendo needs positive buzz surrounding their home console now more than ever. A show aimed at western gamers that shows off the one in-house Nintendo title capable of a E3 2004 reaction is exactly what the doctor ordered. Eiji may not talk about Zelda U until E3 2014, but that will be because he’s too busy making it. Time for Reggie to take the wheel this one time.

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