YouTuber Pwnapplez has recently uploaded a new video recipe for his latest culinary special. It’s the Goron Rock Roast from Breath of the WildThis recipe comes straight from Pwnapplez own “Cucco’s Kitchen” where he makes various animé and video game-style drinks and dishes. After a brief explanation of what the chef is aiming for, viewers get a list of ingredients that are usually available in most supermarkets and food stores.

There is a lot of meat involved in this recipe in the form of beef and pork. There is also a range of spices and sauces, among other ingredients such as an egg and milk along with a puff pastry added in. An optional extra ingredient is bok choy stems if you want to make the Goron Rock Roast look authentic! The chef then takes viewers through his method of preparing the ingredients before demonstrating how to cook the edible Rock Roast. Cooking times and temperatures are clearly stated so that viewers at home know exactly what time frame they have to work with.

When the cooking is complete, the chef cuts into the freshly cooked food so that viewers can see the taste test. He is clearly impressed with the outcome of his recipe and goes on to describe the sweet and spicy tastes of the dish which is now his number one, favorite recipe!

That is one delicious looking Goron Rock Roast! What do you think of this recipe? Let us know in the comments below!

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