We know developers tend to watch what fans say about a game and apply some of those thoughts in the process of creating a future title. In fact, a great example of this would be Twilight Princess, which was essentially exactly what fans seemed to be asking for in the wake of The Wind Waker. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing to listen to the fans, but everything has to be taken with a grain of salt. The main man behind Metroid wants to know the good and bad thoughts of the fan base so he can improve the experience in the next game. So, what did you think?

For me, Metroid: Other M was exactly what I was always hoping it would be. While I really enjoyed the Prime series, bottom line is that I really wanted to return to the more traditional Metroid styled game. I thought we may get this in a future DS title, but we got it on a console instead. I am not going to go long winded here, but I liked everything about Other M outside of the soundtrack. It’s been well voiced across the internet that the soundtrack was extremely underwhelming. If they can give me a more improved experience overall (improving on the aspects already in Other M) in the next game and give me a top shelf soundtrack like that of Mario Galaxy, it may seriously compete with a top spot on my all time gaming list.

Of course, not everyone feels this way. Other M is a title that people seem unsure about. While everyone admits it’s a good game and the game play is great, there are some concerns. Whatever the case may be, what did you guys think of Metroid: Other M? They’re listening to you.

On the other side of the fence here, some of you may be wondering why we have a Metroid update. Some of you may also be wondering what this “Nintendo Week” business is up in the banner. Well, lets get all out there right now: Without Nintendo, there is no Zelda. Without Zelda, there is no Zelda Informer. Without Zelda Informer… there is no… reading this right now. We really appreciate Nintendo as an entertainment giant, and in showing our appreciation we would like to have a quick 5 day celebration of all that is awesome. This essentially means from now through the end of Friday, we will be posting Nintendo news on the site! Were looking at roughly 3 to 5 updates a day, but we will try to make every single one of them worth your while.

No worries, we didn’t forget about Zelda! The usual one to two Zelda updates a day will still get posted, and of course the articles will be released as expected. This just means in addition to our Zelda coverage this week, you can look forward to some exciting happenings from the other corners of the Nintendo realm. Are you excited yet? I know I am!

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