Insert random Mario one-liner hereWho’s Yoshiaki Koizumi? Oh you know, some guy who’s pretty much worked on every 3D Mario game since Mario 64. Recently he sat down with Wired and shared his ideas for the next Mario for the Wii U. Before I send you through the jump to take a look at what he had to say, you should all know that Mr. Koizumi had no idea about the Wii U until it was announced at E3. Interesting, eh? Anyway, here’s what he had to say.

When I think about the two screens being used at the same time, it seems like an interesting opportunity to allow us to create a console game where two people are playing at the same time but can’t see each others’ screens…It’s certainly an interesting approach, but I have to clarify that it’s not something that we’re working on just yet.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure this will end up in the finished product. Multiplayer has been missing from the 3D Mario games, legit multiplayer, not the the little gimmick they had in both galaxy games (seriously, being player 2 was so lame. “Oh look at me! I’m some kind of star thing…pewpew!). So it’ll definitely be nice to see Mario and Luigi working as a dynamic duo, and even nicer for couch co-op. Hey, maybe throw in some online multiplayer too, I’ve heard its all the rage these days.

Alright kiddies, its that magical time again for you to chime in. What do you want to see in a Wii U Mario game? Are you a fan of couch co-op? Leave some comments and make your opinions known!

Source: Wired (Via MyNintendoNews)

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