Yoshi 3DS? I wish!


E3 is over, and Nintendo has really focused on the Wii U and new games for the 3DS. With OoT 3D, Paper Mario, Kid Icarus, Super Mario, and Luigi’s Mansion being among them, there are quite a few happy fans. I myself am really excited, and look forward to playing these on my own handheld. But at the same time, I want more. I think everybody wants more. There are a lot of games that people want to see on the 3DS. Metroid, Pokemon, and Dragon Quest(not Rocket Slime) only name a few.

What I want to focus on mostly is Yoshi. He’s everybody’s favorite green dinosaur, and one of Mario’s most loyal friends. We haven’t seen a solid Yoshi game since 2006 with Yoshi’s Island DS, and I have a feeling I’m not the only one who would like to play a new installment to the series. Sure, he appeared as a companion in Galaxy 2 with a couple fun colors and moves. Blasting through space on a dinosaur is probably one of the things only gamers dream about. Did you see the cover? Just that alone made me giggle and want to unlock him the moment I took it off the store shelf. They needed to add new content to the game, and added Yoshi. I don’t think that idea can ever fail.

A Yoshi game could be done really well on the 3DS. Yoshi’s world comes in as many colors as he does, probably more. The levels are always interesting, and they always have different elements than the previous. Whether they make it a side scroller like the past, or go for something similar to Super Mario 3D, I have a feeling it could be successful in 3D. Although the music from the game isn’t as dominant as it is in Zelda, Yoshi has an interesting style of music that I’d like to hear again too. Who couldn’t resist the cuteness of Yoshi singing in the beginning of Yoshi’s Story for the Nintendo 64?

Would you like to see a Yoshi game on the 3DS? Or are there other titles that you want to see? I’m curious.

This post comes from a new gal! I’m one of the new girls hopping on board as a news poster.

My name Erica Fernandez. I’m a student earning a bachelor’s degree in Game Design and Simulation. My future career is in the gaming world, and my inspiration and drive comes from Legend of Zelda. It is what turned me into a gamer, and I am very excited to be a part of Zelda Informer. I hope you all find my future information helpful! I look forward to becoming a member of the Zelda Informer community!

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