It sure never seemed like it was going to happen if you were

“in-the-know” on the backside in restoring ZI, but indeed we have

returned at last. So, what happened? Why are the forums still broke?

What are we going to do now?

Well this would be the second post in a row, almost two months apart from eachother, saying we’re back. This time it’s for good. We were indeed hacked back in early January and had some holes and bug fixes to take care of. At that time, part of the problem resided server side, something we couldn’t fix, and hostrocket wouldn’t do anything about. So we began the search, did a little fund raising, and got a new host. Of course, this was a month ago.

In the past month of restoring the site, we had issue after issue. After some complaining to our new hosts about the lack of response to email support, we weasaled a free months worth of hosting out of them, and they solved our problem with a solution we never even thought of.

The hosting we have now is know as the “Cloud” concept. In short, it’s the best possible hosting you can get next to have a dedicated server, and often times insures better uptime then a dedicated server does. It does come a hefty cost compared to the last host, and presently is supported by mostly staff members, but we feel it’s well worth it. We hope you agree as we move forward in the coming months.

Unfortunately we are not entirely back. The forums still have a database error that will not let anyone open a topic. That is next to tackle on the to do list. If you notice any other bugs or errors, please be sure to let us know. Otherwise, enjoy your stay. We are glad to be back.

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