Yahtzee Loves Zelda

Update: Now featuring the correct video, the Red Dead Redemption Review, rather than the Phantom Hourglass review. Sorry about the confusion.

Everyone’s favorite critic, Yahtzee, reviewed Red Dead Redemption this past week. What does this have to do with Zelda? Why The Wind Waker of course! And why would Yahtzee bring up The Wind Waker? To compliment the sailing sections of course!

Most of you are probably thinking that you or others greatly disliked the sailing in The Wind Waker. On top of that, why would one of the most brutally honest critics like it? Well Yahtzee was referring to the massive open world of Red Dead Redemption, similar to the large open ocean from The Wind Waker. He enjoys a world that feels big, not just big in size. The Wind Waker was massive, and encouraged exploration because of it. The chart system encouraged players to explore each sector, nicely breaking the game down into an easily manageable task. Some people enjoyed this mechanic more than others, but it’s interesting to see Yahtzee on the positive side of the controversy.

After Yahtzee’s review on Phantom Hourglass, I had figured Yahtzee was not interested in the Zelda series. His main complaint was that it was too similar to every other Zelda game, and Nintendo had been milking the series success with old concepts. I find that other series do a far worse job than the Zelda series, such as any sports game yearly update or shooter sequel, but the Zelda series would certainly benefit from fresh ideas. With Yahtzee’s latest compliment to possibly the most controversial Zelda title, I believe even he still has a soft spot for the Zelda series, despite his past reviews.

Source: The Escapist

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