One of the most mysterious locations in Breath of the Wild‘s huge overworld has to be the Lost Woods and, within it, the Korok Forest. In one of her latest music videos, violinist Patti Rudisill has captured the mysterious world of the Korok by combining stunning visuals with a beautiful cover of the area’s soundtrack. Making full use of her location and utilizing cosplay and an adorable Korok plush, this really transports you into the forest dwelling.

Rudisill has also posted covers of other Zelda tracks, including Kotake and Koume’s Theme (from Ocarina of Time), and Kass’ Theme (also from Breath of the Wild), as well as popular tracks from other video games, such as Tressa, the Merchant (from Octopath Traveller) and Gourmet Race (from Kirby Super Star). She also released a mini-album on January 8th, featuring 5 snow and ice themed songs.

How did you like this cover of the Korok Forest theme? Does it make you want to go back and explore some more? Was it your favorite location in the game? Will any of us ever find all 900 Korok seeds? Let us know in the comments below!

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