How does an unannounced game become the bestselling title on Amazon? FURY AND RAGE, THAT'S HOWAmerican Xenoblade Chronicles fans have been hitting the localization campaign hard: there’s been a massive movement and everyone interested in seeing the game come to the states has submitted pre-orders at the online retailer in order to show Nintendo that there really is interest for the game. Even I was a bit surprised by how well things went: now Xenoblade (under its original title of Monado: Beginning of the World) has climbed to the #1 spot on Amazon’s popular video game list.

Will this actually cause Nintendo to do anything?

Honestly, I still doubt it. Despite the billions upon billions of dollars Wii owners have handed them over the last five years, it seems as though Nintendo [of America] has already moved on from its Wii audience. While Japan’s slated to get Goldeneye later this summer and Europe’s confirmed to be getting Xenoblade and The Last Story within the next year, it seems like Nintendo’s only games, outside of Kirby and Skyward Sword, are going to be… Rhythm Heaven and Fortune Street?

Wake up, Nintendo. If you really want to reach out to the “hardcore” with Wii U, you’d better prove to them that your desire to mend your relationship with loyal customers extends to software and not just hardware design. What kind of message do you think that localizing multiplayer party games over dedicated core titles sends to the traditional gaming audience? It’s certainly not saying “our platform is for you.” While I think the Wii U works great and I love the multiplayer demos I experienced at E3, 90% of my gaming is solo, and if you can’t prove to me that you’re going to make already-completed, already-translated games available to me on your current hardware, your new machine’s going to be a pretty hard sell.

Get with the program, or people like me are going to leave you out to dry – and believe me, you have a lot more to lose than we do.

Source: NeoGAF

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