Last Friday, professional wrestler “American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes appeared on “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s WWE Network-exclusive talk show The Broken Skull Sessions. And to promote the appearance, both WWE Superstars went to Twitter last week with a quick game of “30 Second Shot Clock,” wherein Austin asked Rhodes a series of rapid-fire questions covering topics from fast food to amusement parks. Most interestingly, at least for video game fans, was in fact the very first question brought forth by “The Texas Rattlesnake.”


Austin’s first question to Rhodes was one we ask ourselves a lot here at Zelda Dungeon: Best Zelda Game? Without hesitation, Rhodes answered with Ocarina of Time, “hands down,” not a surprising choice to those familiar with his relationship with The Legend of Zelda. The American Nightmare has frequently sung the praises of Ocarina of Time and just recently incorporated a quote from the game into his WWE return.

But what was surprising was Austin’s rebuttal to Rhodes’ response. “No, dude. Breath of the Wild,” he countered.


I never would have guessed that Stone Cold Steve Austin not only had an opinion on The Legend of Zelda, but he considered Breath of the Wild the best in the series. Well, as was joked about in the comments to the above tweet: that’s the bottom line, because Stone Cold said so.

You can watch Cody Rhodes’ appearance on The Broken Skull Sessions right now on Peacock (or the WWE Network outside of the United States).

My opinion is admittedly more in line with Cody Rhodes in this debate. But where do you stand? Do you, like The American Nightmare, think Ocarina of Time is the best Zelda game? Or do you, like Stone Cold, think Breath of the Wild deserves that title? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: WWE Network

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