Would You Rather: Edition II

imageWelcome to our second installment of “Would You Rather!” Last week we had a tremendous response to this piece, which is very exciting for everybody. After looking at all the discussion boards it seems like Zelda fandom is pretty split on which ride they’d rather have. If you missed out on last week’s article you can go check it out by clicking here. Otherwise, hit the jump to see this week’s match-up!

For this rivalry we’re offering you a dose of double-contrast. Last week was all about excitement and freedom; this time we’re challenging your bravery. Not only is the match-up itself a full-blown 180 from last week, but our choices are starkly varying in their sources of terror.


Bottom of the Well V. Poisoned Faron Woods

Bottom of the well 1Dead_handBottom of the well 2

Faron Woods 1Faron woods 2Deku_Baba_(Twilight_Princess)

Would you rather spend a whole day in the Bottom of the Well or in the poisoned Faron Woods? Now, before we all jump to conclusions here, there is a catch: in the Faron Woods you are only supplied with one lantern’s worth of oil. If you need a reason for this, the Bottom of the Well is lit well enough, though the traps and monsters inside may be perceived as more of a threat than those in the Faron Woods. This way, each location imposes a sense of panic, being lost, stuck or otherwise trapped once inside. Below I have listed some qualities of each that will help you decide which spooky locale you would rather take on.

The Bottom of the Well:

  • Dead Hand lives here.
  • A ghoul circles the corridors, though never strays from its course.
  • There are ReDeads and Wallmasters. Everywhere.
  • It has its own private hot spring comprised of glowing, green acid.
  • For some reason there is a lot of money down here.
  • If you wander, you will find a few rusty cells with shackles on the walls and pit traps inside the doors.
  • When you become overly curious you may find ghosts and other beasties jumping out of pictures or piles of questionable materials.
  • The Lens of Truth is here, but you can only have it if you fight Dead Hand.
  • You will probably die here.

The poisoned Faron Woods:

  • Light is important for navigation, so stay put or run.
  • Deku Babas hide in the smog, so watch your step.
  • Noxious purple gas hangs in the air making it hard to breathe.
  • Bokoblins run amok and just happen to be wielding cleavers and other sharp objects.
  • The water is poisonous. Don’t try to swim away.
  • The trees will try to eat you or toss you into the poisonous water.
  • It’s very dark. I hope your lantern light lasts a while.
  • There is a horde of monsters by the temple entrance. Don’t get too close.
  • If you’re lucky you might find a stick to defend yourself with.

Just remember that you are not undertaking these places as Link, but as yourself, who may or may not have a sword, a shield, or a very large lantern. Could you handle the story-height falls from one level of the well to another? What about hidden threats in the gloom? Let us know which place you’d prefer to brave, and, if applicable, what weapon from your own closet or garage you would bring with you.