Breath of the Wild‘s sound design is an integral element of the game. Even from its breathtaking first trailer at E3 2016, the sounds of nature have played a key role in the game. With the stylistic changes in the Zelda series’ music, the sound effects and sound design have always played a preeminent part in immersing the player in the massive world of Hyrule.

This intriguing remix by liltommyj creates rhythms and melodies using only sampled music and sound effects found in the game, very much in the style of Australian musician Pogo. It’s a bold experiment that results in an utterly affecting piece of music. The use of sound effects is both jarring, yet also strangely transfixing. The use of vocals is a great example of the fascinating dichotomy in the song; in some cases the voice clips can sound out of sync or out of place, yet at other places they sound incredibly haunting and beautiful. I personally love the use of the Hateno Village’s theme, as it is one of the most memorable and beautiful themes in the entire game.

Along with the beautiful sound effects and music, liltommyj includes gorgeous videos and images from the game. In this way, the remix feels like a culmination of the long experiences that players have had with Breath of the Wild. All in all this video reminds me how beautiful the sounds, characters and places truly are in Nintendo’s latest masterpiece.

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