With a Terrible Fate


With a Terrible Fate is a series of articles that offer theoretical analyses of “Majora’s Mask,” written by Aaron Suduiko. Aaron is a philosophy major at Harvard with a focus on developing aesthetic theory and philosophy grounded in the medium of video games. Below is a video of Aaron speaking at Harvard about the Legend of Zelda and further below is a listing of all the articles within the series.

  • Eric

    This is brilliant, everything I always thought, or wanted to think, about this game and then some. I’m using this entire series to convince my friend that the games=art concept is more than a possibility; she accepts that anything can be art but has never been given a true example in video games, and this may be what changes her mind.

  • Aaron Suduiko

    So glad to hear you’re enjoying my work, Eric. I sincerely hope your friend comes around.

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  • Jo

    Well, I don’t know if you’ve heard, but the Link is dead theory has been completely debunked. Other YouTubers have made videos that show a colossal amount of evidence that Link was in fact alive in Majora’s Mask. There is no way the Link is dead theory can hold any ground when there is just too much evidence going against it.