Windmill Hut – Overclocked Remix

320px-Kakarikowindmill-e136555400032911131I hope by now all of you have heard of the great conglomeration of people called Overclocked Remix, and have heard at least a few of the Zelda related music that originates there. Overclocked Remix is exactly what it sounds like, music remixes that are superb, and far surpass most other remixes that are out there. Luckily the popularity of the Zelda series has made Zelda remixes commonplace, but unfortunately that also means we can’t feature everything here in one week. See what’s been picked out this week!

The first bit we have up is a five minute remix of the Gerudo Valley Theme from Ocarina of Time. The Gerudo Valley Theme is already incredible, and while the remix doesn’t quite surpass the original in my heart, it’s still a fantastic listen.

Then we have a remix titled, “Triforce Majeure” based on music from A Link to the Past. Now, if you’re not familiar with the term “majeure”, it’s used in the context of “force majeure”, meaning an unstoppable force, but this time with the power of the Triforce in mind.

Both remixes were fantastic, but I found the second one particularly incredible. For me it seemed like it stayed truer to the original music, and was a bit less chaotic. At the same time, this remix brought the dark, ominous music of A Link to the Past to something that was more upbeat, but somehow still very mysterious feeling. Especially the buildup and release at about the four minute mark brought something that I feel like, composed properly, could fit in an actual Zelda game.

What did you think of the music, and what do you think of Overclocked Remix? Let us know in the comments, and maybe we’ll see more Overclocked Remix pieces featured on future Windmill Huts!

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