Well well, long time no update… at least from me. After a somewhat major error on my behalf while working on the walkthrough, we’ve finally gotten chapter 7 up and ready for you to have a look at. This chapter will guide you to getting the Master Sword and some other various things before the next stop on your quest. I hope you enjoy it. I am hoping we can have chapter 8 ready for you in the next couple weeks as well.

On another note, I’m sure some of you have been wondering about the podcast we usually have on a bi-weekly basis. Due to various time constrictions and other matters, we have been unable to do one for a few weeks now. Tomorrow we will also be unable to have one, but don’t get upset just yet! I, along with some of the other staff here at Zelda Dungeon, will be streaming live at the forums for a while beginning at 12 pm Central Time. Hope to see you there. Until next time.

The Wind Waker Walkthrough: Chapter 7 – Hyrule Down Under
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