The notion of Skull Kid even being present in Skyward Sword is a hard one to fiddle with. Sure, there was that one screenshot where people thought Skull Kid was in the distant background, but reality is it was likely just another spider if anything. Still, the speculation started reeling through my head the other day when the first release of Official Art for Ocarina of Time 3DS showed a redrawn Skull Kid. It reminded me that he was in Ocarina of Time, and likely may be mystical creature that was around long before the events in that game.

Skull Kid played a small but important role in Ocarina of Time, and became the central figure in Majora’s Mask. We all know how that played out. In Twilight Princess it appeared that a form form of Skull Kid like beings had been prospering over time in the Lost Woods. So, will we finally figure out where Skull Kid came from as Skyward Sword has the potential to be a wealth of origin stories?

I had always wondered if Skull Kid was simply the last of a race of “scarecrow” people that we just never saw manifest, since they likely existed in a time long before Ocarina of Time. Now that we know Link and likely the Royal Family originated in Skyloft (not Hyrule), and that Hyrule at one point was dominated entirely by “evil forces”, is it possible one of the tribes in Hyrule during this time we’re the infamous Scarecrow people? I do think it’s entirely possible.

Of course, simply being in the game doesn’t mean nearly as much as Skull Kid himself appearing and presenting an all too important gesture to our hero. Whether it’s the learning of one of the most powerful songs in the world, or even a roll in helping forge Skyward Sword into the Master Sword, I can’t help but get this feeling that if he’s in the game, Nintendo will not shy away from making him important. It could even include several “hints” to the events in Ocarina of Time, or even begin to show exactly how neglected Skull Kid was until he befriended the Giants.

Naturally this is just a guessing game at this point and if he is included in the game, the possibilities for his involvement are endless. Heck, could we see the origin of Majora? Another possibility we never considered it seems. Would Nintendo ever play out who/what exactly Majora is without just using the mask? It’s naturally a dream end boss if their ever was one, and it could offer great variation from forcing Ganondorf in, especially since Ganondorf’s history shows he wasn’t truly a relevant evil until Ocarina of Time, when he first rose to power.

Lots of speculation and lots of what ifs, but in the end Skull Kid just being in the game at all would be enough for me. The touch of “Majora” being present would simply be sweet justice.

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