YouTuber Zeltik recently uploaded a video to discuss whether fans can look forward to the release of a Nintendo 64 (N64) Classic Mini alongside an Ocarina of Time expansion this year.

Zeltik opens on the fact that Nintendo applied for a European Buyers Trademark in July 2017, which was finally approved in August 2018. The trademark in question is actually an image of the Nintendo 64 controller, which corresponds to the controller logos of both the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) Classic Mini and the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) Classic Mini. Therefore, it would make sense that the trademark is representative of a N64 Classic Mini in the making.

He supposes that the N64’s most popular games would appear on the system, including Banjo-Kazooie, Super Mario 64, and of course, Ocarina of Time. And then Zeltik shares his hope in the inclusion of an unreleased expansion for Ocarina of Time. He explains that during the development of Ocarina of Time, Nintendo were also developing the disc-based N64DD, which worked by attaching to the original N64 and combining both cartridge and disc capabilities. This would help to create larger and more ambitious games.

However, instead of releasing Ocarina of Time alongside the N64DD, Nintendo created two disc-based expansions of the cartridge-based game which were planned for the peripheral. Unfortunately, the peripheral was a commercial failure, and as such, didn’t release outside Japan. The first expansion, originally known as Zelda Gaiden, was then released as Majora’s Mask, and the second expansion, known as Zelda Ura, wasn’t released at all, despite being very close to production.

Zeltik imagines that Zelda Ura would have been a fleshed out second quest of Ocarina of Time, with new dungeons, better NPC’s (non-player characters), and a bigger overworld. He also believes that the Unicorn Fountain which was cut from Ocarina of Time may have featured in the game. The player would have the opportunity to see Zora’s Domain actually thaw, therefore in Zeltik’s opinion, drawing a proper conclusion to that part of the storyline.

When it comes down to it, Zeltik does think there is a possibility of the Ocarina of Time expansion being included on the roster if the N64 Classic Mini is released. This is because Nintendo has a history of including previously unreleased games on Classic Mini consoles. A prime example of this would be Star Fox 2 releasing on the SNES Classic mini, which had been a fully completed game that never made it to commercial release.

However Zeltik does recognize that elements of Zelda Ura may have been incorporated into the Master Quest, meaning that there may in fact be no second quest to speak of. Either way, Zeltik still hopes to have the opportunity to play Zelda Ura on the N64 Classic Mini.

What do you think of Zeltik’s theory? Would you jump at the opportunity to play the unreleased expansion of Ocarina of Time on the N64 Classic Mini? Let us know in the comments below!

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