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Linebeck is a sarcastic and greedy middle aged man who only cares for himself. Lacking the compassion for others, he has a great desire for treasure and money. He is also the man who owns the steam boat that Link uses in Phantom Hourglass, the S.S. Linebeck. Linebeck is Link's companion for the majority of the game, along with Ciela; a fairy of which he argues with constantly. He first meets the hero in the Temple of the Ocean King, pleading to be rescued. After rescuing and agreeing to venture the sea with him, Link and Ciela try to explain to Linebeck their main reason for adventuring, to save Tetra, but he could care less. As the game progresses, he begins to become emotionally tied in with Link on his quest to rescue Tetra. He assists Link in escaping Bellum's grasp, but unfortunately gets caught himself and is then possessed by Bellum, and is turned into Bellumbeck, who Link must fight. After Bellum is defeated, Linebeck is granted his true wish of a new boat, and ventures out to explore the rest of the sea. The pirate Jolene holds a grudge against him. They were once friends, but after some time, Linebeck decided to leave her behind and he fled with a few of her possessions.