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Zunari's Shop





Zunari's Shop is a location in The Wind Waker. It is owned by Zunari on Windfall Island. He sells many items that can be used in the Trading Sequence.


The Sail

Zunari is originally from a far off land, but he was shipwrecked and everything he had was destroyed.[1] The Sail is the only item he has left, and thus he desperately wants to sell it so he can raise funds to open his shop.[2] At last, he convinces Link to buy it from him for 80 Rupees.[3]

Trading Sequence

Later, Zunari sees that Link owns a Delivery Bag and asks for a favor.[4] He explains that his store is lacking products to sell, and he asks if Link can go out and trade with the Traveling Merchants around the Great Sea to get more items.[5] Every time Link gives an item to a Traveling Merchant, they will give him a different one in exchange and form a merchant's oath.[6][7] As a result, the Traveling Merchant will ship his item to Zunari's Shop and Zunari can sell it.[8][9] If Link agrees, Zunari makes him his partner and gives him the Town Flower, his only product at the time, and begins the Trading Sequence.[10] After Link trades the Sea Flower for the Exotic Flower and Zunari has three items to sell, he is very excited and says that his stall finally has the appearance of a real shop.[11] He offers Link the Magic Armor as a reward, which he claims is a family treasure.[12]


After Link rescues the girls from the Forsaken Fortress, Mila goes to work at Zunari's Shop.[13] If he speaks with Mila at night, she tells him to go away before running off into the night.[14] Link can either carefully follow her or wait for her at Zunari's Shop, where she will eventually arrive and head to the safe at the back, trying to break into it. When Link comes up behind her, she is startled and demands to know who he is.[15] Hurrying to defend herself, she begs him to allow her to explain her motives.[16] If Link agrees, she describes how she used to be rich, but suddenly became poor.[17] Finally, she tells herself to stop making silly excuses and thanks him for letting her vent her feelings.[18] In order to show her gratitude, she gives him a Bottle that she found on the beach.[19]


As Link trades with the Traveling Merchants, Zunari's stock expands and he gains more items. All of his products, aside from the Sail, can be placed in Joy Pedestals around Windfall Island for the Joyous Volunteer Association. If Link places items from Zunari's shop in all fourteen Joy Pedestals around town, he will receive a Piece of Heart from Sam.[20]

Item Name Cost (Rupees)
Sail 80
Town Flower 10
File:Sea Flower TWW.png
Sea Flower 20
File:Exotic Flower.png
Exotic Flower 25
Pinwheel 55
File:WWBig Catch Flag.png
Big Catch Flag 85
Big Sale Flag 35
Hero's Flag 75
File:Sickle Moon Flag.png
Sickle Moon Flag 40
Skull Tower Idol 60
Fountain Idol 60
Postman Statue 100
Shop Guru Statue 200


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