Zora Helm

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Zora Helm



Toto Lake (chest)


"Zora headgear made from dragon scales. Increases swimming speed and allows you to use Spin Attack."

— In-Game Description

The Zora Helm is a helm found in Breath of the Wild. It has a base defense of 3 and provides Swim Speed Up as well as Spin Attack.

Armor Set

The Zora Set (also including Zora Armor and Zora Greaves) offers the Swim Dash Stamina Up ability when all equipped pieces have been upgraded at least twice.

Upgrade path

Upgrading Armor requires that you have unlocked as many Great Fairy Fountain as the desired star-level.

Upgrade Armor Materials
* 5 3 x Lizalfos Horn
** 8 5 x Lizalfos Talon
5 x Hyrule Bass
*** 12 5 x Lizalfos Tail
5 x Hearty Bass
**** 20 10 x Lizalfos Tail
15 x Opal