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| inhab = [[Ze Kasho]]
| inhab = [[Ze Kasho]]
| pointsint =  
| pointsint =  
| item = [[Spirit Orb]]
| item = [[Spirit Orb]]<br>[[Silverscale Spear]]
| natseason =  
| natseason =  
| related =  
| related =  

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Ze Kasho Shrine






Ze Kasho Shrine is one of the many Shrine of Trials from Breath of the Wild.


Ze Kasho Apparatus

Interact with the terminal, and clear a path to the door. Spikes will only slide in the direction of the lines. Many solutions are available.

In the next room, hit the switch to rotate the blocks. The lasers will be blocked off until the blocks finish moving, then they will come back.

Before heading to the next room, though, you'll see a chest on a platform to the right. In addition to the rotating blocks that blocked the lasers, there is a cube platform that circles the area here by 180 degrees every time the crystal is hit. The idea is that when it is below the platform, hit the crystal, then jump on and ride/climb the cube platform as it finishes moving until it is above the platform, and you can now use it to glide to and open the chest. Continue to the next room.

The next puzzle is motion control again, and pretty obvious solution; get an orb onto each switch. When you're done, head to the altar for your Spirit Orb.