Yōichi Yamada

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Yōichi Yamada
山田 洋一
やまだ よういち


Various Zelda Games


April 21st, 1964 (age 57)


Various Roles

Yōichi Yamada is a game designer working for Nintendo. He first started working on the Nintendo Entertainment System, where he worked on The Adventure of Link as well as Doki Doki Panic. Yamada has since gone on to work on almost every major title in the Legend of Zelda series.

Release Game Credit(s)
1987 The Adventure of Link Director
1991 A Link to the Past Assistant Director
1998 Ocarina of Time Game System Director
2000 Majora's Mask Memory Management Director
2001 Oracle of Seasons Supervisor
2001 Oracle of Ages Supervisor
2002 Four Swords Supervisor
2002 The Wind Waker Assistant Director
2004 The Minish Cap Supervisor
2006 Twilight Princess Sub-Director
2007 Phantom Hourglass Supervisor
2009 Spirit Tracks Supervisor
2011 Skyward Sword Planning
2013 A Link Between Worlds Field Planning
2015 Tri Force Heroes Game Planning Lead
2016 Twilight Princess HD Sub-Director
2017 Breath of the Wild Game Design