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Wooden Shields are shields that are made out of wood, and they are always the first shield Link obtains in whichever game.


Wooden shields block all attacks and work just fine, except that since they are made of wood, fire burns them and leaves Link bereft of a shield. This is a special property that only wooden shields possess, since all metal shields dont have a weakness that causes them to break. In Skyward Sword, they offer resistance to electricity to make up for their weakness.


Ocarina of Time

Now technically, it's called the Deku Shield in Ocarina of Time, but its the first shield that's made out of wood that appears in the Zelda series. You can buy it in multiple shops throughout the game, but only as a child. First time it's available is in the Kokiri Forest shop for 40 rupees. The shield is brown, and has a red swirled pattern, with an extra curlicue sticking out, like a second branch of the swirl.

Twilight Princess

Artwork from Twilight Princess

This shield is rather small and you *ahem* borrow it from the Ordon villagers. Its a small plain brown shield, and has a Ordonian goat's head and horns patterned onto it. This is the ONLY time you can obtain this shield, if it's burnt, its lost forever. You can buy another wooden shield, this one much bigger (but doesn't block any better) and has a different patterned design on it resembling a bird. However this shield is generally considered worthless, due to the fact that it becomes available at the same time as the games last shield.

Skyward Sword

Unlike previous games, your shield now has a durability meter. This means that after a certain number of hits, it will break. However, if you thrust your shield just as the attack is coming at you the shield will not take damage. As incentive for using this shield later in the game, it insulates Link from electricity-based attacks. This is the first shield you obtain in Skyward Sword. It's pathetically weak, and will break in just a few hits in its un-upgraded form. The Wooden Shield can be purchased for a very low price in the Skyloft Bazaar.

Banded Shield

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Much more durable than the wooden shield, but still very weak. Burns from fire.

Braced Shield

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Much more durable than the banded shield, though still unfortunately wooden and can can burn.