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Whittleton, also known as Mayscore, is a train station found in the Forest Realm in Spirit Tracks. Link can visit this place anytime after he has acquired the Spirit Train.


Link learning how to navigate the Lost Woods from a Whittleton Villager in Spirit Tracks

After Chancellor Cole usurps Zelda's body, Link must travel to Whittleton Village in order to learn how to cross the Lost Woods. Here he may also purchase the Shield for 80 rupees.

Other Quests

A Force Gem may be earned by transporting the Whittleton Chief to be the wife of a woman in Papuchia Village.

During the Whip Race if a time of "1'15-1'30" is achieved, Link receives a Bomb Bag. Times under 1'15 are rewarded with a Heart Container.

Another sidequest involves retrieving Whittleton lumber for the Anouki.