Wellspring Island

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Wellspring Island




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Wellspring Island is a location in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

Link will arrive at the Wellspring Island by using the Zora Armor and swimming up a waterfall from the East Reservoir Lake. In order to reach the island, Link will first need to travel down to the Ancient Zora Waterworks as part of the Sidon of the Zora quest.

Gravity on Wellspring Island is a bit distorted. When Link jumps into the air, he will gain more altitude and will be slow to drop down. This allows Link to jump much greater distances. Many of the small islands that Link will find are covered with Sludge. Link can use Splash Fruit to get rid of any sludge, or use the gravity to his advantage and jump over such obstacles.

Throughout Wellspring Island, Link will find numerous spheres of water. Link is able to jump into these spheres, which in many cases will carry Link over to higher platforms. Using these spheres, as well as the Zora Armor to swim up waterfalls, Link can make it to the top of Wellspring Island, where he'll arrive at the Water Temple.

Water Temple

Main article: Water Temple (Tears of the Kingdom)

The Water Temple is one of the major dungeons found in Tears of the Kingdom. Link will need to open the flow of more water to remove the Sludge from the island, which is falling down to Zora's Domain. Link will do battle with the dungeon boss, Mucktorok.

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