Water Temple (Tears of the Kingdom)

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The Water Temple is one of the major dungeons found in Tears of the Kingdom. It is the final portion of the Sidon of the Zora main quest.

Sidon of the Zora

After teaming up with Sidon, the pair will travel towards the East Reservoir Lake, where Link will eventually create a waterfall that leads up to the Wellspring Island. After navigating the island, using the low level of gravity, as well as the Zora Armor to swim up waterfalls, Link will arrive at the Water Temple.

The Water Temple

The Water Temple itself takes the form of several floating islands, which the water is the source of Zora's Domain. The Sludge that has filled Zora's Domain is coming from the Water Temple. There are five major faucets of water that will spill water down the temple. Only one of the five faucets is initially activated, making it unable to clear the Sludge that is in the way. Once all five faucets are activated, most of the sludge will be washed away.

The Temple itself consists of two floors, with the lower floor being just underneath the central platform. Throughout the dungeon, there are some enemy ChuChu, as well as some stronger Soldier Constructs that defend the temple.


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To complete the Water Temple, Link will need to activate all four faucets and then face off with the dungeon boss, Mucktorok.