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Wiki: July 14, 2017

About TheDoctor8910
This user knows where his towel is.
SS This user's favorite Zelda game is Skyward Sword.
{{ This user is a templater.

current project: Adding more Cadence of Hyrule content pages. Message me in User talk:TheDoctor8910 with any questions or if you want to formally help.

Hello, I'm TheDoctor8910 (don't get confused though, I've never seen the Eighth Doctor). I first joined Zeldadungeon in 2017, back before the last server host change and soon after Rayquaza became a patroller, but I found out about the site in early 2010s. Ever since I would come here if I got stuck on a Zelda game.

My first page was on the Stalnox, and became my pride and joy for many years. My next source of pride came more recently, when I helped out a new user named Link Mario understand when and when not to put the stub article tab and the appropriate way to make the gallery on the page he was working on. It made me want others to know that they can come to me if they need help and the admins are busy.

Outside Zeldadungeon, I have a strong passion for programming. I do mostly object-oriented programming, primarily .NET Core (Cross-platform C#), Java, and C++, but I also learned Javascript, Python, Ruby, HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, and Bash.