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Forum: Disember 14, 2009
Wiki: April 2, 2011

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Hi, I'm Lanzz. This is my personal page...


I'm one of the early members of this wiki. I joined this wiki about 6 months before Zelda Dungeon Wiki was publicly launched (that time, this wiki is called Justin/wiki). That time, I'm helped with Link's Awakening contents (for Link's Awakening Month) before vanishing after that event is cancelled. I'm returned in October 2011‎, and since then became one of active editor in this wiki.

I found Zelda Dungeon in December 2008 when searching for Spirit Tracks walkthrough, and have proudly followed it ever since. I registered for the forum a few days later, and became an active user for a while before getting bored.

Barkle-Sticker-SSBB.png This user hate Tingle's dog.

I is also a former staff at Zelda Dungeon (joined in March 7th, 2011). I helped with various resource pages at the site, such as Screenshots Achieve and Game Manuals Project. I'm also contributed to Link's Awakening walkthrough, and helped with news correspondent. I retired from staff team few months later because of lack of time. ~~ Lanzz (T C) ~~

Main Projects

Project Status
List of Enemies 98% - Need Re-checking
The Legend of Zelda Game Watch Completed
Zelda (Game & Watch) Completed
Navi Trackers 95% - Character List Incomplete/ Need Images
Tingle's Balloon Fight DS Completed
Too Much Tingle Pack Completed
Fan Games WIP
Manga 70% - PH & SS Manga are missing
Comic 50% - ALttP & Valiant Comics are missing
Products WIP
Cameos of The Legend of Zelda WIP

Useful Template For My Editing

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See also: File/Image Contributions


Main article: User:Lanzz/Sandbox

Here is the page that i used to experiment with template, markup, etc...

Zelda Games Owned & Beaten


I'm a big fan of adventure and fantasy games. My favorite games are The Legend of Zelda series, Diablo series, Gothic series, and Dragon Age series...


I'm also a big fan of anime. I spent lots of my time watching anime. Here is my anime list.

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