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Hey, I'm BlackRayquaza98, also known as Spencer. I've been around the wiki for quite a while now, but have only been editing much as of summer 2016. In the past I was mainly focused on sorting out the Interviews section of the wiki, formatting, transcribing, gathering etc. A large focus on mine recently has been the Breath of the Wild pages, including most of the content in the game's Info & Media section on the top menu.

If you need to get in contact with me for any reason, feel free to leave a message on my talk page, or add me on Discord: BlackRayquaza98#9741

Breath of the Wild Content Pages

Pretty much everything has been completed now, but there are a few outstanding things which should be made, but aren't urgent.
1) Detailed pages for each major location in the game, e.g. Rito Village.
2) Detailed pages for each shop / stall in the game, e.g. Enchanted.
3) A comprehensive listing of all the Mini-Games, with locations, images, rewards etc.
4) Dyed armor project: each piece of armor should have its dyed counterparts on their respective page. See Hylian Hood.

If you wish to help with any of this, it would be greatly appreciated, just get in touch with me so we can coordinate everything.

Tri Force Heroes Content Pages

These need to be sorted at some point. I put this here to remind me, I'll get around to it eventually.


Formatted Interviews

Transcripted Interviews